Services & Benefits

CPRS Services

At the National Level:

  • A voluntary National CPRS Accreditation Program through which members may establish their proficiency in the public relations field. Adding the coveted APR (Accredited, Public Relations) designation after your name becomes a key to career advancement. As an accredited member you join a fraternity of more than 500 Canadians who have demonstrated this established level of expertise. Only Society members may seek accreditation. The APR designation is also recognized by the Public Relations Society of America in the United States.
  • Annual publication of a Membership Directory. All members receive this publication in addition to Bylaws and Regulations, historical, reference and professional material. All members also receive a Certificate of Membership.
  • Annually, in conjunction with a Member Society, a national conference. The conference consists of study sessions, case history presentations, talks by nationally and internationally recognized experts in the field. The Annual General Meeting of the Society is also held at this time.
  • Career guidance material for schools and students are an aid to developing the acceptance and respect of those interested in the practice of public relations
  • An annual Awards Competition for Members, designed to foster pride and a spirit of competition in projects through national recognition and reward for high caliber entries.
  • Recognition, through national Major Awards, for outstanding contributions to public relations by Members: to the advancement of public relations itself on behalf of the Society, the attainment of the highest level of professional achievement and to exceptional public service.
  • Support for certificate and degree courses in public relations at community colleges and universities.
  • Opportunity for personal contact with public relations professionals across the country.

At the International Level

  • CPRS engages in on-going liaison with the International Public Relations Association, the Public Relations Society of America and other national public relations organizations around the world.

At the Member Society Level:

Regular meetings with public relations practitioners, where Members can benefit from:

  • Speakers recognized for their expertise on communications matters;
  • Case study sessions;
  • Panel discussions on topical subjects from a public relations perspective; and
  • Educational and technical seminars.
  • Career development through seminars, workshops, and courses.
  • News bulletins to keep members up-to-date on professional affairs at the local level.
  • Sponsorship of social events to promote and maintain a stronger sense of identity within the community.
  • Provision of a Member (Member Society President) to be a Director of the National Society and voting delegates to the Annual General Meeting of the National Society, to ensure that regional views and interests are made known and included in national programs.
  • Involvement in national conferences following nominations as host society.

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