President’s Message September 2012

President’s Message September 2012

Dear Fellow CPRS Hamilton Members:

Hello and welcome back to reality. Are you wondering like me, where did the summer go? Hope you had some time to enjoy the sunshine.

Phone Check-in

As your new President, I’m delighted to share some news with you and identify some actions that the Board of Directors is taking as we gear up for an ambitious year. But we also want to know what you think and so, over the next few weeks, I will be calling you directly to say hello and capture your thoughts and preferences on some key questions that will inform our strategic planning, including our programming events and professional development approach. I hope we can spend a few minutes connecting! If you’d like to reach me directly now, I am at 905-648-2049 or

Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Committee is hard at work. The program officially launches today (September 10) with mentee application forms available to candidates on the CPRS Hamilton website. If you are an intermediate or junior practitioner and you’re interested in taking your career to the next level, please consider submitting an application. If you are a senior or intermediate practitioner who is looking to expand your horizons and become a mentor this year, Mentorship Co-Chairs David Rowney, APR and Brenda Sweeney, APR want to speak to you now. There is more about the program below. Consider making time in your calendar for this dynamic and important program. One of the goals of the committee this year is to ensure the program fully fosters “two-way relationships” to ensure that the learning and the experience support both mentors and mentees.

Member Recruitment Incentive – $100 Credit

Did you know that you can receive a $100 credit for each individual you refer and is successfully accepted into the National Society (up to $800)? Credits can be used toward paying for things like national awards, membership dues, accreditation and the National conference. Who do you know in public relations who would benefit from membership in CPRS?

Helping Educators Provide Relevant PR Education 

CPRS National Council of Education, which was established with a mandate to develop guidelines and a clear overview of program requirements reflecting current practice, has created Pathways to the Profession: An Outcome-based Approach to Excellence in Canadian Public Relations and Communications Management Education. The Pathways program uses an integrated program planning model that includes an emphasis on program outcomes and recommendations for a course framework. The framework is highly practical considering the range of communications programs being offered to PR students today. Institutions can use the framework to assess their own program and to provide context for ongoing and future curriculum development.

Governance and Incorporation of CPRS Hamilton

As members of a National organizational, you were surveyed last year by the National Board of Directors’ Governance Committee about a series of recommendations that were presented and passed at The Canadian Public Relations Society’s Annual General Meeting in June 2012. Detailed information is available by visiting the members’ section of the website (see Governance). There was overwhelming support for the recommendations that call for (in CPRS Hamilton’s case) bylaw changes and incorporation at the local level as well as restructuring of committees and succession planning for the National Board. CPRS Hamilton will start the registration and incorporation process this year. This step protects members by ensuring that all Canadian local societies are complying with provincial regulations and are aligned to our National organization and the CPRS “brand.” Sharon Little, APR who now serves as our Vice-President and Treasurer, will lead this process on our behalf with the support and guidance of CPRS National’s Karen Dalton, APR and the Governance Committee (lead by our own Grace Diffey, APR, FRCPC).

I look forward to speaking with you soon, and wish you a productive and successful September!

Warm regards,